The “Tekhnolog Company” was the first in the CIS market to launch the production of specialized roasters for coffee beans. Having thoroughly researched into the world market and analyzed the clients’ wishes, we have produced the drum-type roasters for coffee beans, where the contact-convection method of roasting provides for perfect roasting of every bean, finally resulting in exquisite and inimitable taste and flavor of coffee drinks.
The model lineup includes “shop roasters” (for coffee shops) accepting 2 to 5 kg of coffee beans, and industrial-type roasters accepting 10, 20 to 50 kg of coffee beans.

Roaster for coffee

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With a number of competitive advantages, drum roasters for coffee from "Technolog" are a better deal for coffee production to date. Producing drum roasters since 1998, we have thoroughly studied the coffee roasting technology, have taken into account all the wishes of our customers and experience, as well as achievements of the leading European companies and is the result of this work is the range of roasters with reinforced cooling and heating to 2kg. 5 kg., 12,5 kg and 25 kg. The even roasting of coffee beans inside the rotating drum is achieved by the special blades that spread the beans throughout the inside of the drum and ensure level stirring when roasting. When roasting, the fan automatically removes the exuded vapors and husks from the drum. The operating time and continuity of the ventilation system are set and maintained automatically. The air flow is adjustable. The step-by-step operational cycle of the roaster:: 1. The operator uses the controller knob to select the necessary roasting mode or set another roasting mode. 2. After selecting the mode, the oven is launched and the drum begins to heat. 3. The heated roaster is then loaded with the necessary quantity of green coffee beans. 4. The roasting process begins, involving all systems of the roaster. The controller screen displays the parameters of the technological process of coffee bean roasting. 5. The sampling device allows to determine the readiness of coffee beans, and, if necessary, to adjust and timely complete the roasting process. 6. When the roasting process is complete, an alarm is launched informing the operator accordingly. 7. After roasting, the coffee beans are unloaded into the cooler.
pult The roaster is equipped with an advanced controller (Israel) allowing it to set various roasting modes for all coffee grades. The roasting modes can be adjusted to any possible degree of coffee bean roasting. The roasting process is composed of six stages. Each stage allows setting individual modes (temperature, time). The controller board is fit with a controller knob for smooth adjustment of drum rotation. Additionally, the roaster can be equipped with a sensor-type controller screen.
P6065966 The inspection window is intended for visual monitoring of the coffee beans roasting process. The inspection window is installed in the unloading door and is made of heat-resistant glass.
coffee cooler After unloading from the roaster, the coffee beans must be promptly cooled to prevent over-roasting and preserve the evenness of roasting. This operation is done in the cooler. The cooler is equipped with a cyclone for collecting hulls and small particles after cooling. The roaster of 2 kg capacity can be equipped with a trough-type cooler without the stirrer.
roaster for coffee The roaster for coffee is equipped with a system for forced draining of vapors and husks into the cyclone. The circulation of air flows is adjustable. On client request, the roaster can be fit with an additional frequency converter ensuring smooth and automatic adjustment of air flows.
probnik The roaster is equipped with a sampling device and an inspection window to monitor the degree of roasting without interrupting the process, and to determine the final time for coffee bean roasting.

Single load, kg 2 5 20 50
Cycle time roasting, min 15-20 15-20 20-25 20-30
Installed capacity, kVt(max) 5,5 8-12 24 44
Maximum temperature,°С 250 250 250 250
Voltage, V 220 380 380 380
Availability controller + + + +
Overall dimensions, m 1,3*0,7*1,1 1,62*0,8*1,9 2,2*1,0*2,3 2,3*1,1*2,5
All wetted parts are made from food grade stainless steel

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